Recovery Room: Surviving Family Estrangement by Anne Stewart Helton

Parents you can survive! Take back your life! You are not alone! On

If you have been estranged by an Adult Child, it can feel like an earthquake that is denied or ignored in the beginning but it never stops shaking and the walls, doors, sidewalks and trees crack, break and fall down. It is then that the consequences emerge in heartbreaking pain. Read this new book, “Recovery Room: Surviving Family Estrangement” by Anne Stewart Helton, it will help you understand the issues, the Grief and find survival steps for your life.


4 thoughts on “Recovery Room: Surviving Family Estrangement by Anne Stewart Helton

  1. Pat McIntyre says:

    When adult children choose to shut you out of their lives and the lives of your grandchildren, the pain and heartache are devastating. Sadly, Jeff and I are among the millions and millions of those abandoned, elderly parents. Over the past 30 years, each of our three adult children one by one has walked out of our lives. No explanation…they just stopped answering our calls and blocked us from any form of communication. We do know they have made up lies to justify their choices, and we have no way to defend ourselves. We don’t know if they keep in touch with each other or not.

    We had a fairly normal family life during their growing-up years, lots of fun family times, and birthday and holiday celebrations…and yes, some ups and downs. We know we were not perfect parents, but God did not expect us to be. He did expect us to love, guide, and care for them as best we knew how, and we did that. All three were kind, respectful, and caring…we often got compliments on how happy and well-behaved they were. We are pleased to know they are each well-liked, thoughtful adults.

    I have read the first chapter of this book online and plan to order it. I’m not sure it will dry my tears and mend my broken heart, but hopefully it will calm my ‘old-age’ fears, and bring me some peace and the blessed assurance that one day God will make all things beautiful…in His time.


    • Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing. I feel your pain and wish I could write the words that would change all our broken hearts!I continue to feel much of the estrangement “walk outs” are from the culture today. We can rest in knowing God knows the love we had as Parents and the work we did to raise the estranged children everywhere. God Bless you and your Jeff. May you find peace and know that God loves you. I will keep you in my prayers! Anne


  2. Yes, Amazon has it in paperback and on Kindle. (That’s a shame about your account, Have you talked with Amazon about that?)
    If they can’t fix it, I may have a few extra copies soon. If so and if you send me your address, I could try to mail you a copy. Peace. Anne Helton


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