“They’re Not Happy”

“They’re not happy,” my Dad would say with a wink and smile as we leaned out of the car windows and drove through the expensive home neighborhoods every year at Christmas to look at lights. My Mom, with 10 children in tow and little money, would respond, “Well…maybe they’re just a little happy”. My Dad loved to teach us about sharing blessings, whether rich or poor, because he lived Matthew 6:21 and knew that what was in your HEART determined what became your treasure.
Lord, help me to see all people through your eyes. Remind me frequently that what my heart is focused on will become what I see and seek. Help me to seek you first in all things. ‪#‎HappyJesusNursebook‬ http://bit.ly/HappyJesusNurseASH_Matt6_21_HJN